Turbo Outlet Pipe F.BST.006

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These are now solely available from our distributor Discount MG Rover Spares (DMGRS)

This pipe replaces the restrictive OEM turbo outlet pipe and has a dyno proven improvement in torque, BHP and time to full boost!

  • Increases torque and power by up to 12ftlbs & 5bhp
  • Full boost comes on quicker
  • Made here in the UK by Dark Ice Designs
  • Mandrel bent (no kinks or squashed areas) 304 stainless steel tubing
  • Beaded ends to prevent hoses slipping off
  • Very easy to fit (2 bolts and 2 clips) ~ 5 minute job!
  • Existing engine cover can still be used

Please be aware that the turbo outlet pipe is no longer hand polished (to help get you a better price - can easily be polished with Autosol).  Please ensure the inside is thoroughly clean before use.  The decal will be sent loose with the turbo outlet pipe.


The dyno print out above shows runs with the standard and performance turbo outlet pipe fitted.  Multiple runs with both parts were made to rule out heat soak issues and variance between similar runs was 0.3bhp.  If you would like more information or to see further dyno printouts then please contact us.

Full pictures and dyno test results can be seen on our facebook page;


*Dark Ice Designs recommend using a qualified mechanic to fit all their products.  Our products have been extensively tested but as with all modification products they are used entirely at your own risk.  Dark Ice Designs cannot accept responsibility or liability for any damage, injury or charges that arise from using our products.   Please check your local vehicle regulations before use.  Actual torque and bhp results may vary.