Sheddist Kit Land Rover Freelander 1

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The only performance 'sheddist' style clutch kit available to buy for the Land Rover Freelander 1.  It perfectly replaces the poor OEM system with a high quality and durable system that allows you control the biting point - you no longer need to bury your foot through the floor to change gears! 

Fits all Land Rover Freelander 1 with 1.8l k-series, 2.0l L-series engine and PG1 gearbox.



  • Metal master and slave cylinders
  • Brembo reservoir
  • Reinforced reservoir tubing
  • HEL Stainless braided hydraulic line
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Laser cut 6mm steel bracket
  • Bleed Tube & bleeding syringe
  • FREE Dot 4 fluid (only for UK orders due to Airmail regulations)



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