Ford Mondeo mk4 Auto Opening Boot Trunk Gas Strut Kit - All year round kit 0-25°C

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A set of 4x direct replacement struts to allow your Mk4 & mk4.5 Mondeo hatchback boot (trunk) to auto open when you open it.  Perfect for when your hands are full!

No modifications necessary - simply remove the old struts and fit the new struts with the spring stacks.

This kit comes with 2 full sets of gas struts (for 0-15°C & 10-25°) and 2x spring stacks (you will need to switch the spring stacks over to the different gas struts dependant on temperature).
Below the recommended temperature the gas struts may fail to open fully and above the recommended temperature the boot/trunk can require more effort to shut.

Winter struts 0-15°C and summer struts 10-25°C



Instructions included - appearance may vary.

Despite selling 100+ kits to happy customers these gas struts run at a higher force than the standard parts so we cannot accept any responsibilty for any damage that might be caused from fittings these parts.