MG Rover 25 ZR 45 ZS Digimafam F.DGM.001

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We recommend fitting a new MAF sensor or Digimafam prior to any tuning to allow full gains to be realised when fitting tuning products.   If your original MAF is completely dead then the Digimafam will not be able to boost any signal and you will need a new MAF sensor.


The Digimafam is a compact digital MAF compensator.


  1. 8 Settings
  2. Bypass switch
  3. OEM connectors
  4. LED to indicate correct connection
  5. Flashupgradable
  6. Bosch & Pierburgh MAF compatibility


 The 8 settings offer different curves to alter the fuelling at both ends of the rev range by different amounts and this is of particular benefit to those who are intending to tune their engines with for example, SDI injectors.

Digimafam and SDI injectors

If you are intending to fit sdi injectors then the combination of the Low Gain Pierburgh maf and Digimafam works well and helps control the overfuelling at low rpm that occurs when SDI injectors are fitted to the 25/45/ZR/ZS engine.

The SDI injectors have a lower opening pressure and larger nozzles and therefore more fuel is injected  . However too much fuel can be injected at low rpm (before the turbo is up to speed) with the standard MAF sensor resulting in black smoke from the exhaust.

Fitting a Low Gain Pierburgh maf reduces the fuelling across the rev range.  This is normally not what you want, but in this case we do want it, but only at low rpm.   The MAF sensor signal needs to be reduced at low rpm and then restored back to, or even slightly above normal as the revs increase. The only way to achieve this is with a Digimafam combined with the Low Gain Pierburgh MAF.

The settings are selected by the dip switches shown in the photo above, with the on/off switch just to the right of the red switch block.  Access to the switches does not require any tools as the end cover just slides off.  The led shows that the cable is connected correctly and the programming pins are to the right of the led.  The unit measures just 90x65x19mm and is supplied with velcro and cable ties.