LUCAS MG Rover 25 45 ZR ZS car FLIP KEY fob

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A brand new flip key fob suitable for replacing the separate OEM key and LUCAS  fob (NOT Pektron).  Please note that the key fob case will need gluing together once assembled. Suitable for the MG Rover 200, 25, ZR, 400, 45 and ZS

Simply switch over the electronics board from your original fob to the new flip key fob and get the key blank cut to match your key.  After replacing the electronics board place the key fob cover in place and give the flip cover a twist (to give the key it's flip action) and glue on the cover.  We recommend using a small amount of super glue.  This can be removed with super glue remover to change the battery.  Fitting a high quality battery will allow several years of use between uses.

Ensure your key and fob match the pictures below;

Not for oval Pektron fobs

Lucas fob

 photo key MG.jpg
    Please carefully compare the key blade (NOT the plastic grip) to ensure it is the same.

** Please note no fob electronics are included with this flip key fob **