GT1752 Turbo Fitting Kit for MG Rover 25 ZR 45 ZS

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Please note that although modification is straight forward, it will require some basic mechanical skills and tools.  A custom downpipe will also need manufacturing but flanges are included.  NO TURBO INCLUDED in this kit.


The GT1752 turbo gives significant gains and is brilliant for fast road driving with a great top end.  Please be aware that a larger turbo takes longer to spool up so needs to be kept in a higher RPM band to make the most use of it.  This turbo has been proven to be extremely reliable with the stock engine.

Due to variations in the turbos that can be fitted the kit comes with 2 silicone reducers and different sized banjo fittings and a £10 surcharge is included in the price.  Simply send back the unused parts for a £10 refund!