EGR blanking kit

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The EGR feeds waste exhaust gases back into the intake.  Doing this lowers combustion temperature and reduces emissions of NOx.  This makes combustion less efficient, compromising fuel economy and power.   Diesel EGR valves also increases soot production which blocks up air intake systems.  EGR systems can also add abrasive contaminants and increase engine oil acidity, which in turn can reduce engine longevity.

Fitting this kit can also reduce exhaust soot/smoke when running a tuned engine/SDI injectors. 

This is the onyl kit on the market that contains EVERYTHING you need to remove or blank your EGR valve.

Kit comes with 3mm thick laser cut rumbled stainless steel blanking plates, flared stainless steel coolant hose connector and all necessary bolts and washers.  It also includes a silicone vacuum line blank.

**Please note that in 2004+ MG Rover cars disabling the EGR may result in the engine management light being activated**