Adjustable Exhaust Silencer Baffle

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As reviewed in Max power and Fast Car magazines! This baffle simply fits into your large bore exhaust tailpipe and allows you to quickly and easily adjust the volume of exhaust by up to 50-75%.  These db killers were originally designed for low powered cars fitted with large bore exhausts and as a result we cannot recommend them for high performance cars.

Perfect for:

  • MOT exhaust volume checks
  • Motorway driving (no more drone!)
  • Track days
  • Reduction in antisocial noise (perfect for residential areas)

To be heard, seen or to get the most out of your big bore exhaust simply adjust the silencer back to being fully open!

These silencers REALLY work! See all our positive feedback on eBay!

Comes with full fitting instructions and free fitting tool. 


Exact OD sizes:

  • 3" Silencer - 74mm
  • 3.5" Silencer - 87mm
  •  4" Silencer - 99mm
  • 4.5" Silencer - 112mm
  • 5" Silencer - 124mm


***No exhaust backbox is included.***

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