Renault Clio mk2 1998-2005 Bonnet Hood Gas Strut Kit

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The only bolt on bonnet hood strut kit for the Renault Clio mk2 on the market which makes working on and servicing your Clio that much easier as well as giving your Clio that premium feel (as well as lifting the bonnet higher!).  
We make 2 kits -  a single strut kit if you don't wish to make any modifications to your car and a dual strut kit (we recommend this kit) which requires removing the bonnet stay (drilling out the rivet).
Simply bolt on fitting.  Instructions included and fitting guides are on YouTube.

The kit instructions specify to have the thick gas strut end mounted to the wing which causes the gas strut to have a harsher 'top out' and as a result the bonnet should be guided up to full extension.  This is due to limited space for the strut on the scuttle panel edge.  
If you want a controlled slower extension then the thick end of the strut should be mounted to the bonnet bracket (ensure that the cut out socket end fitting is still on the wing side) but you will need to trim a little plastic to allow the gas strut to sit down flush.

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