Ford Fiesta mk8 2017+ Headlight Repair Fix Kit - Side/Front Bracket Tab

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A simple bolt on replacement side bracket for the Ford Fiesta mk8 headlight.  The side bracket breaking and snapping is a very common problem due to the poor design of the injection moulding tooling leaving high stress areas.  These brackets are known to fail without cause (no bumps or accidents needed!).  Until now a full replacement headlight or an unsightly plastic welded repair has been the only option requiring expensive parts, tools or technical skills.

With this kit you remove part of the old bracket and replace the bracket with the part from our kit.  

This kit contains everything you need to fit (beware of other kits that do not supply the requisite fixings) also now includes a free cutting blade and arbor to cut away the broken plastic to fit the new bracket (a necessary tool)!

See our Youtube fitting guide here: