Clutch Height Adjustment Kit MG Rover ZS 400 45

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A simple to fit kit to reduce the height of your MG Rover 400/45/ZS clutch pedal to bring it into alignment with the rest of the pedals.  A cheap and effective way to make a positive impact on the driving experience.

Fitting instructions;


1. Tighten the bolt into one of the holes on the laser cut part

2. Add any number of small washers onto the bolt to bring the clutch pedal height to your desired position.  *Ensure that you only take take up any 'free play' in the pedal i.e. that you do not depress the actual clutch with the kit*

3. Place a large washer onto the stack of smaller washers

4. Fit the part through the hole in the bracket above the clutch pedal ensuring the laser cut part is in the right orientation (as per the picture).

5. Place a large washer on top of the bracket and finally tighten the nyloc nut.