10pcs Lego Technic Style Metal Aluminium Beams

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Pack of 10pcs Aluminium CNC Machined Lego Technic Style Beams

Save 25% by buying bulk over individual prices.  These Lego Technic Style compatible beams are CNC machined from billet aluminium to provide an extremely strong and stiff characteristics, when strength and length are needed. Please see the photos showing test loading of standard plastic beams Vs aluminium beams. 

We offer beams up to 1M in length to provide you with the right beam for your own designs or MOC's. The beams can be cut to length individually please see the guides on the Lego Technic Facebook Group pages. 

Using these beams there is no length or strength limitations to your own designs or MOC's now!

Please note as our beams are CNC machined from aluminium and are as a result much harder than plastic they may damage softer plastic parts and connectors if you are not mindful.