Technic Compatible 45L THREADED M5 Metal Axle X Bar Shaft Rods compatible with Lego Technic

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Compatible metal Lego Technic Style axle shafts with threaded outer diameter. These offer a tight fit and are a much stronger and stiffer than standard plastic axles. The threaded length allows the use of nuts (included). These products are perfect for custom builds or heavy duty use.  Please note these may be a tighter fit and so mechanisms that require sliding up and down the axle may not be suitable without modifications (sanding until the sliding fit you require is achieved).  These axles can be cut down easily with a hacksaw or pliers and the ends filed or sanded to suit.

Please note these are hand made to order and as such there is a short lead time.

The axle is threaded for M5x0.8 (standard RH coarse thread).

Listing is for one axle shaft of size approximately 45L (~360mm - these are hand made so length may vary but we aim for at least 360mm). 1 unit, stud or 1L unit is approximately 8mm.